Teen Training

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Advanced Driving Academy (ADA) offers Segment I and Segment II programs for teens under 18 years of age.  ADA has taken Michigan's guidelines and objectives for driver education and designed a curriculum that will create safe and intelligent drivers for life.

Segment 1

The first day of our segment 1 program will be a parent/student session for the full 2 hour class.

Students are required to have 24 hours of classroom work, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel and 4 hours of observation training (where the student will watch another student in the vehicle).

Classes are a 3 week program, 2 hours per day, 4 days per week.

Classes are scheduled monthly.

Required Documents Segment 1

Birth Certificate/Passport

To view and register for a Segment 1 program please click here

Segment 2

Students are required to have 6 hours of classroom training. (no driving is required for this phase)

Classes are a 3 day program, 2 hours per day, for 3 consecutive days.  There are NO make up days for segment 2.  You must attend all three classes.

Classes are scheduled every other weekend.


Required Documents Segment 2

Level One Learner's License (must be 3 months from the date of issue)

Driving Log with at least 30 total hours (2 hours must be at night)

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Driving Skills Test

Student needs to present their driving log showing at least (50) hours of driving with at least (10) hours being done at night.

Why should you choose ADA for your teen?

  1. Experienced, professional, caring Instructors.
  2. Flexible, convenient scheduling.
  3. Up-to-date teaching manuals and curriculum (interesting up-to-date videos and powerpoint presentation).
  4. 2 hr. Parent/Student session first day of Segment I program.
  5. Competitive Costs.
  6. Newer, safe vehicles.

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