Test location: Superbowl Bowling Center 45100 Ford Road, Canton, MI 48187*

*ADA is not responsible if the applicant fails to show up at the correct location. PLEASE be sure to arrive at the designated Road Test Site on time leaving room for traffic issues such as construction.


Road test: $0

If the applicant is more than 10 minutes late to the test, no test will be given.

A Retake Fee of $0 will apply.

Car rental: $0

Retake: $0

If a student fails the road test, does not have the proper documents, does not show up for the road test, or fails the vehicle inspection, the student can retake the road test for $55. This does not include vehicle rental.

Reschedule within 72 hours of test: $45

Reschedule at least 72 hours before test: $5

No refund will be given if you don't show up, or if you cancel within 72 hrs. of your test.

Required documents:

- Level 1 License/Permit (must be original copy)

The applicant is required to have held a Level 1 License for at least 6 months.

- Segment 2 Certificate (must be original copy)

- Vehicle registration (an electronic copy or photocopy is acceptable)

- Proof of Insurance (an electronic copy or photocopy is acceptable)

- Proxy letter (if applicable)

- Driving Log

The applicant is required to have driven for 50 hours, including at least 10 night hours.

The applicant must bring a parent or guardian. No siblings or pets are allowed.

Michigan Level One Learner's License

License #: Date of issue: (the long line of numbers above "Michigan Level One Learner's License" in the form of "MMDDYYYY") Expiration date:

Segment 2 certificate

Certificate #: Segment 2 completion date: Driver education code:

Required documents:

One of the following two documents are required for the test:

1 - Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) (must be original copy)

2 - One penny receipt given at the Sec of State. You must provide a Foreign license with the receipt

A One Penny Receipt is different than a Temporary Instruction Permit, and is only required if you received it from the Secretary of State.

[ what's this? ]
I have a One Penny Reciept


- Vehicle registration (an electronic copy or photocopy is acceptable)

- Proof of Insurance (an electronic copy or photocopy is acceptable)

NO passengers are allowed (except an interpreter if required)

You CANNOT use a foreign driver's license for the Driving Skills Test.

Michigan Temporary Instruction Permit

Permit #: Expiration date: Eligibility Date/Waived
Waive the 30 day wait

Personal vehicle inspection

Type of vehicle:

Vehicle Year (e.g. 2017):Vehicle Make (e.g. Ford):Vehicle Model (e.g. Focus):License Plate Number (e.g. ABC 1234):

If your vehicle is a rental (e.g. Budget, Hertz, Enterprise), the applicant must be named as a driver on the rental agreement.

The vehicle that you bring to the auto driving test must be road-worthy and safe. The following equipment must not be damaged, inoperative or missing. Please make sure all the equipment below is in good condition:

- Leaks and exhaust

- Tail Lights and Brake Lights

- Horn

- Tires and Lug nuts

- Turn signals (front and black)

- Windows and windshield

- Springs

- Mirrors (rear view and outside view)

- Wipers and washers

- Headlights (low beams)

- Seat(s) and safety belts

- Speedometer and brake check

Test Requirements

- Arrive 10 minutes early

-Must pass: parking, residential, main roads and expressway - failure on any part terminates the test automatically

-No practicing allowed at the Road Test site

-Applicant is responsible for validity of documents

Is an interpreter required? YES NO (interpreter must have a driver license during test)

Applicant must review the following guide prior to Road Test:


If you are NOT the applicant, your relationship with him/her is: parent grandparent sibling other:

By agreeing below and/or paying for the Road Test, I have agreed to and understand ADA's test requirements, fees, and policies, as well as the Requirements listed in the "Driving Skills Test Study Guide". I will not hold ADA responsible if the applicant does not pass the DRIVING SKILLS TEST. If the applicant is 18 years or older I understand that ADA can not discuss the final examination with anyone other than the scheduled applicant.


I agree to Terms & Conditions