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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I register for classes or road tests online?

Yes! We now have the capability on our website for you to register for Session 1 & 2 Classes, as well as road skills tests.

How old do I have to be to start taking drivers education classes?

You must be at least 14 years and 8 months old at the start of Segment I class. (State Law)

Do I need to bring anything with me the first day of Segment I or Segment II class?

Segment I Class: You will need to bring a copy of your birth certificate and the completed contract, Behind-The-Wheel agreement, and registration forms signed by both the student and parent (if not already on file). You should also bring your calendar with you, as you will be scheduling drive times during the first class. All class materials (pens, paper, etc.) are provided by ADA. Segment II Class: You will need to bring your Level I License; Driving Log with 30 hrs of logged drive time recorded, with at least 2 of those at night; and Seg II contract filled out and signed by both the student and parent.

What if I miss a class from a Segment I or Segment II session?

Segment I program: The state requires 24 hrs of classroom instruction in Segment I. Students may miss up to two days of Segment I class. However, they MUST make-up any time they miss. This includes if they are late to class. All make-ups must be done on the two scheduled make-up days that follow each Segment I class. If a student misses more than two days of class during Segment I, they will be required to repeat the entire class. Segment II program: The state requires 6 hrs of classroom instruction for Segment II. If a student misses a day, they will have to make that time up in a following session before a certificate of completion can be issued. Because there are limited spots available for make up students, students will need to sign up ASAP by contacting 734-455-8230 and speaking to ADA's staff. The state mandates the completion of Segment II within three weeks of class.

When am I eligible to take Segment II?

A student under the age of 18 years must wait at least 90 days from the issue date of their Level I License and have at least 30 hrs of logged drive time (at least 2 hours must be night-time driving) before the state will permit the student to attend the Segment II program.

How long must I drive on my Level I License before I can take the road test?

You must hold your Level I License for at least 180 days, complete the Segment II program, and have 50 hrs of logged drive time (10 hrs of the 50 being night-time driving) before you can take the road test.

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