About US

 Advanced Driving Academy (ADA) was started in 1996 (over 21 years ago) by retired Canton Police Officer, Leonard Schemanske. The owner, administrative staff, and coaches work very hard to meet the training objectives set by the state of Michigan.  ADA is widely recognized for its Instruction from a law enforcement perspective and offers drivers' education, and road testing in the Plymouth and Canton areas.

ADA's coaches consist of instructors with a law enforcement background, school teachers with many years teaching experience, all our coaches are state certified; many have over 15 years of driver education experience.

Over the years we have noticed that many driver education schools take a "fun and relaxed" attitude toward driving.  At ADA we take driving on today's roads as very serious business and believe it's a privilege that must be earned not a right to drive. 

We have taken the state curriculum and objectives and added years of experience from law enforcement and educational backgrounds and developed a very structured program that takes driver education very serious. This educational environment motivates and allows all students to grow, develop, and perform to their maximum potential.

Parents/Students......... ADA takes pride in the quality of our programs as well as having the most dedicated, caring instructors/examiners in Michigan.

At ADA we believe you can't put a price tag on safety......safety on the roads with our newer vehicles and a quality program from a law enforcement perspective with only the most experienced, educated, caring instructors are the most important issues when choosing a driving school.

Not all driving schools are the same.  Many schools just care about the $$ figure.  At Advanced Driving Academy we truly care about every single person that comes through our program. Many young, inexperienced drivers come to us apprehensive about getting behind the wheel. Our Instructors instill confidence and strength.  At ADA our goal is to educate in order to build strong, confident, safe drivers.  We go the extra mile by not only educating the student but also the parent.  The first day of every teen Segment I program is a student/parent session so we can discuss and educate about the Michigan Graduated Driver License Program (GDL program) for teens as well as address any parent concerns.

ADA has taken Michigan's guidelines and objectives for driver education and designed a curriculum that will create safe and intelligent drivers for life.